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Shabbat Dinner

Turn Friday night into Shabbat by joining Chabad for a delicious, home-made dinner. 

Hot food! Cool people!

Holiday Celebrations

Whether it's Chanukah or Passover, High Holidays or Purim, Chabad offers meaningful ways to celebrate the holidays in a warm and fulffilling environment.

Social Events

Meet new faces and unwind from classwork with friends. BBQ. Girls Night. Movie Night. Painting. Cooking. 


Jewish Education

One-on-one. Group study. There's so much to study! Join an amazing study session to expand your Jewish knowledge.

Student Leadership

Add your voice and feel the difference you make. Help keep the flame of Judaism shining brightly for fellow KSJews and beyond!

Semester Plan

Check out our calendar to see whats happening for the KSJews this semester.



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Chabad at Kent State

Kent, OH 44240



Tel: 330.564.7673

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Mezuzah Bank

Display your Jewish pride with your very own Mezuzah for your dorm/apt door. ​We have one waiting for you, FREE of charge!

Chicken Soup Express

Feeling under the weather,

and need a boost?

Chabad's got your back!

There's nothing a piping hot bowl of home-made chicken soup can't fix!

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