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Shabbat - family style

Friday night turns into a Shabbat experience! Home-made dinner, songs or inspirational wisdom, a great way to unwind from classes, bond with friends and feel like home.

Friday Night Services: 7:15 pm

Friday Night Dinner: 7:30 pm

(Please see our calendar for exact dates)

Holiday Celebrations

Go beyond the Matzah Balls, and discover the depth and meaning of the Jewish Holidays with engaging services, pre-holiday insights and delicious meals. 


From Chanukah to Passover, join meaningful services and events to celebrate the holidays in a warm and fulfilling environment.

Your mom will be happy. As will your stomach.

No prior experience required!

Jewish Education

Want to study a topic of your own? 

Hit us up to discover any topic in Judaism at your own pace, in a one-on-one session with Rabbi Berel or Rochel

Ask all the questions you've always held back.

Or join a class with other students for interesting and meaningful discussion.

Pizza & Parsha

Dive into the weekly Torah portion with fascinating and practical insights, all while enjoying delicious Pizza!

Cookies and Conversation

For young Jewish Woman to explore and journey through the lens of Judaism, what role they have and how to apply that in todays life. Questions, games, trips and learning... Don't miss out!

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Jewish Education
Cookies & Convo
Pizza & Parsha
Sinai Scholars

Coming Soon...

Sinai Scholars Society

A fascinating and exclusive 8-week course, probing the depth of Judaism, for relevance and meaning in our fast-paced lives as millennials in the era of Snapchat and drones.

Be prepared to be wowed each class while:

  • earning a $350 stipend

  • eat lunch/dinner

  • make new friends​

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