Welcome to Chabad at Kent State!

Our goal is to create a place where all students can feel at home. Regardless of your affiliation or observance, at Chabad you will find a non-judgmental atmosphere, where being Jewish is fun.

We invite you to participate with our family, as we celebrate Jewish life in our home. Friday night Shabbat dinner, or just stop in to hang out, we are HERE FOR YOU.

If we don't know you yet, we look forward to meeting you!

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Rabbi Berel & Rochel Sasonkin

About Chabad at Kent State:

In a Nutshell: 
The Chabad Student Center is a home for Jewish Celebration and a center for Jewish education adjacent to KSU.

Our Mission: 
True to the philosophy of Chabad, and guided by the love, inspiration and blessings of the Rebbe, the Chabad Student Center at KSU strives to enable, assist, and encourage, every Jew connected to this campus to grow in their own unique way and at their own individual pace in the circle of the three loves: Love of your fellow; Love of your heritage; and Love of your G‑d.

At Chabad we believe that these three loves are the secret to a better self, a better community, and a better world.

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Chabad at Kent State

452 E Crain Ave

Kent, OH 44240